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CPS GfK Why2Buy

The ‘why’ behind the ‘buy’Customized shopper surveys on GfK’s Consumer Panels

Knowing and understanding the drivers and motivators that influence purchase decisions is increasingly important if you’re to successfully reach and communicate with your shopper. Although you already have a comprehensive picture of what shoppers purchase from GfK’s Consumer Panel, and you can view this by a range of demographic variables too, the ‘why’ behind purchase decisions might remain open.

The challenge is to get inside the decision-making process to reveal why a shopper chose to purchase a particular item over another, why a product is being bought more or less and/or in combination with others, or even why a particular category is important. CPS GfK’s Why2Buy individual surveys answer those questions and more. For instance, they can address your key business questions:

  • What factors are crucial for shoppers to purchase my products?
  • Why has shopper behavior changed in a particular category?
  • How are my products used? Is that its intended use?
  • How satisfied are buyers with my products?

And many more questions that are on your mind. Commission your own surveys on GfK’s Consumer Panel and benefit from GFK’s unique approach: We identify difficult and small target groups precisely from the consumer panel on the basis of purchasing behavior and can link the results of the survey with the purchase data. This approach is designed to meet your needs:

  • Customized: offering open and closed questions
  • Flexible: questionnaires of three, five and 10 minutes
  • Representative: fielded to sub-samples, even for small incidences
  • At short notice: up to three survey slots every month (depending on panel size in the countries) and no screening necessary

The answers will connect the dots to help you make sense of your shopper—combining purchase data with usage, attitudes and needs by target group to improve your overall performance at retail.

Optimize product development and communication, improve your in-store marketing and promotions, perfect targeting strategies, take advantage of emerging shopper trends and identify and address a product’s strengths and weaknesses.

Manufacturers and retailers both local and global rely on CPS GfK’s Why2Buy to take control of their shopper strategy