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Behavior Change: Home is where the heart is

Uncover the shifting landscape of household fundamentals, societal concerns, shopping strategies, and key occasions within the home. In our Spring 2024 webinar, insights experts reveal 5 key areas of FMCG shopper behavior based on the 7th edition of the Behavior Change study.
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At CPS GfK we know that being aware of behavior changes is more vital now than ever before. Answering questions like: What choices are resilient? What decisions are swaying? Forces are pulling consumers in certain directions and you need to be aware of how they could affect your positioning.

We capture continuous 360 degree data to understand both what consumers buy and their reasoning, the why behind the buy. Following shoppers’ overtime, locations and during key occasions to understand how certain events will affect their behavior in the future.

We know about the behavior changes that are crucial to your business and can help you identify the right solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of your consumers.

Report | Behavior Change: Home is where the heart is

Despite continued inflation and cost-of-living crisis effects seeing 1 in 3 European households struggling, FMCG saw a strong acceleration of value growth over the past year. To understand what's behind this continued tipping point towards increased FMCG spend despite tight budgets, we took a closer look at the shifting landscape of household fundamentals, societal concerns, shopping strategies, and key occasions within the home. Our latest bi-annual report, based on the 7th edition of our Behavior Change study across 21 European countries and with 15,000+ survey contributors, explores the latest shopper behavior changes and the impact on FMCG growth in 2024. From exploring the impact of waning cost-of-living concerns to dissecting the motivations driving buying behaviors, we offer fresh insights and actionable strategies to navigate the evolving consumer landscape.

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Our latest Spring 2024 Behavior Change Report covers 5 need-to-know topics: 
  • Household fundamentals
  • Social context
  • Shifting shopping strategies
  • Household habits
  • Channel choices 
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Whitepaper | Shoppers are slackening their coping strategies

Europe has been experiencing a permacrisis over the past years, resulting in insecurity and inflation. Ever since the start of the cost-of-living-crisis, our Behavior Change study has focused on how shoppers deal with growing budget pressures, exploring how their needs, wants and behaviors are evolving. In 2023, for the first time since the cost-of-living-crisis started, shoppers seemed to see a silver lining. In this whitepaper, we analyze five aspects to substantiate the initial signs for a tipping point.