Trends in shopping behavior: 2023 sees the tipping point

European FMCG shoppers have adapted to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, but opportunities for building brand value can still be uncovered.
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At CPS GfK we know that being aware of behavior changes is more vital now than ever before. Answering questions like: What choices are resilient? What decisions are swaying? Forces are pulling consumers in certain directions and you need to be aware of how they could affect your positioning.

We capture continuous 360 degree data to understand both what consumers buy and their reasoning, the why behind the buy. Following shoppers’ overtime, locations and during key occasions to understand how certain events will affect their behavior in the future.

We know about the behavior changes that are crucial to your business and can help you identify the right solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of your consumers.

Report | Behavior Change: Steering clarity of choice

The ongoing cost-of-living crisis has significantly affected one-third of Europeans, causing disruptions in established FMCG shopper routines, with nearly 20% considering changing their main retailer in the past six months. Despite shopper adaptations such as downtrading and cutting, 2023 has seen a tipping point, with the rediscovery of small indulgences. Our latest report, based on the 5th edition of our Behavior Change study across 21 EU countries, explores the latest profound shifts in shopper behavior and unveils strategic approaches to (re)capture drifting shoppers.
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  • Changes in consumer behavior in 2023: prolonged crisis, state of mind, and preferences   
  • Price up versus down scenario, shopping around, and retail switching  
  • Key category risks and opportunities  
  • Lifestyle changes and retailer/manufacturer right to play 
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Infographic | European retail trends driving 2023

Improve your chances of making it into consumers’ baskets this year: explore the latest shopper behavior in Europe’s FMCG industry. Discover the range of FMCG shoppers, their purchasing habits, and the reasons behind them. Merging FMCG insights from our ongoing Consumer Panels and our Behavior Change surveys, we present the latest shopper attitudes, buying intentions, and drivers influencing retail across Europe in the months ahead.