Uncovering friction in e-grocery, digital experience as a growth driver
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Uncovering friction in e-grocery, digital experience as a growth driver

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In our free webinar we talked about e-commerce developments in FMCG based on our latest report findings. Looking at why these are stalling, what is driving changes in consumers’ online shopping behavior and how your business can take advantage of it.

Lenneke Schils, Global Insights Director at GfK and Danny Groenenboom, Strategy Director Retail Europe at Mobiquity looked at the latest online developments and future growth drivers.

During the session Lenneke and Danny covered a diverse number of topics. Lenneke addressed the state of e-grocery across Europe, looking at how the e-grocery value share has grown in the past 2 years, the varying penetration across countries, who these online shoppers are and much more.

Danny focused on new digital innovations that are quintessential to improving shoppers’ experience. Aligning these with GfK’s insights to turn ideas into digital products, as well as providing useful and actionable tips and tricks to start tomorrow in your own organization.
Watch now to find out about the major differentiators for online survival and success.


Webinar Agenda

Part 1: Strategic Insights

  • The e-Grocery landscape
  • Non-buyer barriers
  • Channel choices now & next
  • Categories & occasions now & next
  • Satisfaction drivers @ main online retailer


Part 2: Digital Strategy

  • Structure your way from idea to innovation
  • Inspiration for innovation based on GfK insights
  • Tricks & tricks to start tomorrow


Lenneke Schils

Global Insights Director,
Danny Groenenboom

Strategy Director Retail Europe,

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Mobiquity is a global digital consulting firm that helps the world’s leading brands understand, apply, and engage with technology in meaningful ways. We combine data-driven strategy, human centric design and high-tech engineering with dynamic branding and product marketing to help you design, build, market and maintain digital products that create immersive experiences for your customers, maximum gravity towards your brand and new sources of revenue for your business. We deliver e-commerce solutions to big [food] brands all over the world and are currently in the Netherlands the main partner to roll-out the Amazon smart store concepts like Amazon Go at interested retailers.