Behavior Change: way out of of the permacrisis
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Behavior Change: way out of the permacrisis

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The end of the cost-of-living crisis is not nearly in sight. Rational shopping behaviors are growing, leading to an increasing need to break the narrative away from ‘price only’ focused conversations. As the perma-crisis lingers, chances of a lasting difference in personal values and attitudes rise and brands are by no means exempted. In the 4th edition of our Behavior Change study we help you pinpoint resilient growth opportunities.


In the webinar, Lenneke Schils, CPS GfK’s Global Insights Director for FMCG addressed how shoppers are dealing with budgets shifts when shopping for groceries. Dissecting their coping strategies, we will also look beyond the rational behaviors that affect their shopping habits.

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We also covered:

  • Which categories and retailers stand out most
  • Where shoppers expect to see changes
  • The differentiators that have the most potential to ‘move’ shoppers, and which of those offer premium value

The findings of this webinar were based on our ‘Behavior Change – spring edition 2023’ report which is available for purchase now



Lenneke Schils

Global Insights Director, CPS GfK
Carmen Cuadra Gomez

Consumer Panel Global Marketing Lead