Behavior Change: Steering clarity of choice

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Uncover what makes shoppers (s)tick

The cost-of-living crisis impacted 1 in 3 Europeans in 2023, with nearly 20% of shoppers reconsidering their main retailer. While rational behaviors peaked and shoppers strategically managed budgets, they also rediscovered small indulgences. 

Our recent webinar, based on the 5th edition of the Behavior Change study, explored profound shifts in shopper behavior and strategic approaches to (re)capture drifting shoppers.  

Behavior Change Report – Fall Edition 2023

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Uncover what makes shoppers (s)tick

Key topics covered in the webinar: 

  • Prolonged crisis impact on shoppers’ state of mind and preferences
  • Price dynamics: up versus down scenarios 
  • Shopping around and retail switching
  • Key category risks and opportunities  
  • Generational coping mechanisms 
  • Evolving attitudes toward brands
  • Lifestyle changes and the impact on the retailer landscape 



Lenneke Schils

Global Insights Director FMCG, CPS GfK
Hanna Kehl

Insights Director, CPS GfK