How sustainable behaviors in FMCG are becoming mainstream across Europe
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How sustainable behaviors in FMCG are becoming mainstream across Europe

Who Cares, Who Does 2021 . Watch on demand and download our content

In our free webinar we shared insights from the third edition of our Who Cares, Who Does multi-country report. Below is an outline of the different sessions and an overview of what you can expect from the recording and downloadable content.

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Lenneke Schils

Global Insights Director

Plenary session - How sustainable behaviors in FMCG are becoming mainstream across Europe with Lenneke Schils, CPS GfK Global Insights Director

Lenneke assessed the current behaviors and major changes regarding sustainability. How the different eco-types have evolved and how their concerns are turning into actual buying behavior. She also discussed the value action gap, what it means for businesses and the opportunities surrounding it.

Business case session with Water Unite

We were joined by guest speaker Chris Sellers, CEO of Water Unite, a global not-for-profit organization, who have united in transformational partnerships based on micro-levies to help businesses meet green objectives whilst delivering on business goals. We also had a pre-recorded session with Charlotte Wright, Head of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability at Elior UK, who shared examples of how prioritizing sustainability has helped their business.

Watch here the plenary session followed by the business case session:



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Country specific breakout sessions (delivered in local language) ​

These sessions were delivered in local language and provided specific insights for the following countries:

  • Germany – presented by Denise Bloemers, Account Director at GfK; Claudia Schmidt-Liefke, Account Director at GfK; Eva Finger, Senior Manager at GfK and Sabrina Ströhlein, Junior Manager at GfK
  • Italy – presented by Marco Pellizzoni, Commercial Director at GfK
  • Netherlands – presented by Stan van den Broek, Senior Consultant Advanced Solutions at GfK
  • Poland – presented by Ewa Sech, Commercial Director at GfK and Izabella Jagodzińska, Project Management Director at GfK. Ewa and Izabella will be joined by guest speaker Sławek Brzózek, expert consultant in sustainbility
  • Czech Republic & Slovakia – presented by Hana Říhová, Regional Director Advanced Solutions at GfK and Ladislav Csengeri, FMCG & Consumer Panel Director & Services at GfK. Hana and Ladislav will be joined by guest speakers Eliška Froschová Stehlíková, Leader of CSR projects at Lidl Czech Republic and Zuzana Sobotová, Head of Sustainability & CSR Department at Lidl Slovakia
  • Russia – presented by Elena Kuznetsova, Head of Advanced Solutions & Shopper Insights at GfK and Elena Myagkova, Consultant at Advanced Solutions & Shopper Insights at GfK



Czech Republic & Slovakia:





If you know how consumer behavior is changing, you can drive sustainable growth.

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