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Behavior Change in FMCG

Sudden shocks, slow shifts – but what sticks?

Over 1 in 4 Europeans have strongly changed their shopping behavior in the FMCG sector last year.

With their homes as their new hubs, European consumers are increasingly searching for balance and purpose. At the same time, they are also juggling costs and added value. On top of it all, the COVID-19 crisis induced shopping in different places and at higher speed which has altered loyal routines.

Some of these changes have come about abruptly, whereas others have been developing more insidiously. With the pandemic lingering on, we are craving to look ahead. Time to take a peek at both established and emerging behaviors. What will stick or even grow in 2022?

Watch the webinar on demand where our experts size current behaviors and reveal the degree to which they will impact future purchasing.

Our experts:

  • Lenneke Schils, Global Insights Director
  • Marc Knuff, Global Director Retail and
  • Myriam Martensen, Commercial Director Nordics

Some of the key topics covered:

  • Growth expectations
  • E-commerce
  • Brand and PL strategy
  • CSR
  • Consumer health
  • In-store activation
  • Crisis types segmentation

Presentation deck

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If you know how consumer behavior is changing, you can drive sustainable growth.

Behavior change comes in shocks and shifts, but what sticks? External forces are pulling shoppers in new directions. Looking ahead, we see five major forces defining the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) landscape. Check out our interactive behavior change hub to find out more on these expected behaviors and many related insights
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