Green takes the lead

Green takes the lead in the world of fast-moving consumer goods

How to close the value action gap amongst European consumers

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Watch here our presentation at this year’s ‘Sustainability Week: Countdown to COP26’ virtual event held by the Economist. Over the past 2 years, a further 10% of Europeans have turned into eco-activists. Today 28% takes real action to reduce their footprint. As a result, it pays to be green. Understand the different ‘eco-types’ amongst consumers, how these have evolved in recent years and how their concerns have turned into actual buying behaviors.

In this video we cover the current behaviors and major changes regarding sustainability, as well as the discussing the value-action gap in FMCG, what it means for business and the opportunities surrounding it.


Find out more about how sustainable behaviors are becoming mainstream in FMCG

Take a look at our latest webinar where we cover the topic of sustainability in FMCG in more detail, with an outside in perspective given by external speakers from Water Unite and Elior UK and ending with specific breakout sessions for Germany, Italy, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic & Slovakia and Netherlands.

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If you know how consumer behavior is changing, you can drive sustainable growth.

Behavior change comes in shocks and shifts, but what sticks? External forces are pulling shoppers in new directions. Looking ahead, we see five major forces defining the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) landscape. Check out our interactive hub to find out more on these expected behaviors and many related insights.
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