Out of the crises: does Green get the best Deal?
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Out of the crises: does Green get the best Deal?

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This webinar is based on the insights from our latest ‘Who Cares, Who Does’ report, which is available for purchase today - request a callback to get your report.

In our 5th annual sustainability webinar we spoke about how sustainable behavior has significantly evolved amongst shoppers. The session was led by Lenneke Schils, Global Inisghts Director for FMCG at CPS GfK, with special guest speaker Caroline Babendererde, Head of Sustainability DACH for Tetra Pak.

Together they looked at:

  • The evolution of the top environmental concerns and actions over the span of the crises and their growing relation to other areas like societal concerns
  • Key behaviors, sustainable product choices, retailer priorities, and barriers surrounding the different shopper types in this space
  • How conscious sustainable actions are spreading not only from ‘eco-actives’ (those that not only care but act) to eco-considerers (those willing to act next, but who perhaps need a little nudge)



GfK - Lenneke Schils (2)
Lenneke Schils

Global Insights Director, CPS GfK
Caroline Babendererde

Head of Sustainability Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Tetra Pak