Brand Footprint Europe Report 2024

Find out how your brand stacks up against the competition in the European FMCG landscape in the Brand Footprint Europe Report 2024. Explore the rankings below.
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Celebrating brand brilliance in the competitive EU FMCG market

Our new Brand Footprint Europe Report builds on the renowned Global Brand Footprint rankings initiated over a decade ago by our partner Kantar Worldpanel. This report offers a glimpse into shopper preferences, showcasing brands that have made it into individual baskets the most during another year of economic instability across Europe. The report identifies the Most Chosen brands in Europe, providing valuable insights into regional preferences and market dynamics. Is your FMCG brand growing or declining in popularity? Find your brand in the online rankings report below.

Data source

The Brand Footprint Europe Report is a CPS GfK initiative in partnership with Kantar Worldpanel and builds on their renowned Global Brand Footprint report. This most comprehensive global report has tracked FMCG brand performance for 12 years now. 

CPS GfK is a key data contributor for Europe and provides data for Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Sweden.  

What is Brand Footprint?

The categories
The complete ranking comprises five global FMCG sectors – Beverages, Food, Dairy, Health & Beauty, and Homecare – tracked by consumer purchase panels. Non-barcoded Fresh Food, Batteries and Pet Food are not included in the global ranking. All data relates to purchases brought into the home to be used or consumed there. 

The data period
The Brand Footprint ranking is based on data collected over the 52-week period between November 2022 to the end of October 2023.

Criteria of eligibility for a brand to appear in the Europe ranking

Only regional brands are analyzed to create the Europe Top 50 Ranking. To be considered , a brand must be available in at least two European countries and above 1% Penetration.
Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria are newly included. 

Brand Definition
Brand Footprint only covers consumer brands; retailers’ own-label brands are not included. Brands listed include all variants, categories and formats that sit within them – for instance Pantene includes all of its shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment, hairspray and hair oil products. Brands sold under different names in different countries are considered as individual brands – for instance Tide and Ace or Lay's and Walkers. However, for brands with a name that has been directly translated into a local language, for example Mr Muscle and Mr Músculo, both are counted as the same brand.

The ‘universe’
The Global Brand Footprint data is collected from 62 markets and five continents, analyzing more than 42,000 consumer brands, and covering 76% of the global population. In Europe, 21 markets are analyzed.