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Harrison, New York, US
PepsiCo Inc. 1965

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299,000 worldwide
Market Cap
$ 249 billion

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  • Consumer & shopper centricity is at the heart of anything we do at PepsiCo. It is deeply rooted in the organization’s DNA and it serves as the basis for our mission – Create more smiles with every sip and every bite. 

    That’s why we have set up a quarterly shopper tracker in order to better understand how people buy our beverages and snacks, to identify changes in purchasing patterns as they emerge and plan for those evolving behaviors. 
    Jan Overmans
    Head of Category Management and Trade Insights, PepsiCo DACH

An effective forward-planning tool

PepsiCo uses the shopper tracker in forward planning across its beverages and snacks product portfolio. The insights it provides forms an important pillar of PepsiCo’s Go-To-Market strategy. The understanding of current and emerging purchasing trends informs strategic and tactical planning conversations with key retailers, providing observed and anticipated patterns of consumer behavior. Changes in buying patterns can be contextualized, from promotional activity and seasonal events to macro-economic factors such as rising inflation or short-term external challenges such as supply chain challenges

  • The shopper tracker is one great outcome based on our productive working relationship with GfK – it is characterized by a high degree of mutual trust, strong communication and hence a highly productive working collaboration.

    The GfK team understands our business and this implies that they are not mere data providers but have established themselves as trusted advisors. They are highly knowledgeable and informed. Partnerships like this are vital for our continued success in our fast-moving sectors.
    Jan Overmans
    Head of Category Management and Trade Insights, PepsiCo DACH

A long-term collaboration

PepsiCo DACH and GfK enjoy a good team fit and they work together as one productive team. Daily contact between the two parties ensures both sides understand PepsiCo’s objectives and can work towards these goals. The PepsiCo team appreciates the professionalism, responsiveness and proactivity of its account team, as well as their agility and flexibility.

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