CPS GfK Product Edge: Rethinking Product Superiority

Taking a new and different approach to product testing by integrating behavioral data

To keep ahead of the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) markets manufacturers and retailers have to keep up with modernizations and to remain an attractive brand for their customers whilst taking their wishes into consideration. One should also try to make the launch of new products and relaunches key events in the FMCG calendar.

But how relevant are their brands, launches and relaunches for the different consumers? CPS GfK´s Product Edge approach offers answers to all this questions.

A better understanding of your audience

Product Edge is a Why2Buy solution that takes a new and different approach to product testing by integrating behavioral data. It makes the most of the wealth of knowledge that already exists in our consumer purchase panels which we combined with a questionnaire, to understand how real Consumers rate their product experience with unprompted purchase.

What makes Product Edge unique?

We link purchase behavior with a wealth of pre-existing knowledge on your buyers and quantify their experience.
The Consumer Panel allows you to know who your customers are, what they buy and how much they buy, without having to ask them.
We quantify the value of higher product quality post-purchase and tell you which attributes drive more or less value in the product experience and segment your buyer groups by loyalty or demographics.

Compare genuine consumer satisfaction of your brand buyers vs competitors.


The solution allows you to get in touch with consumers online, saving time, costs and resources of regular field work.

Unprompted Purchase (not claimed): Objectivity & New Insights

Products sent to consumer can bias the results and having a product experience that is unprompted gives the most objective read on quality. It can also open up lots of new insights about your product, because the customer has chosen to buy and we know their shopping history.


The Product Edge approach can be done online in 50+ countries meaning that current disruptions like COVID do not impact field work. Availability across our Europanel network, and the option to run through other partner panels.

Gathering the insights you need

We use Consumer Purchase Panels to measure superiority in a non-intrusive way whilst leveraging all the data already collected. With a Why2Buy questionnaire in the consumer panel we ask people who bought the product or bought competitor products about their ratings and combine them with their purchase behavior.Our 3-step approach:

Core Output

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