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Track Consumers’ OOH Food and Beverage Consumption

Steer and grow your business with precise data that gives you a comprehensive understanding of the market's structure and dynamics.

Grow Your Business through OOH Market Insights

Out-of-Home (OOH) consumption accounts for a large share of spend on food. The potential for this sector is huge, as almost everybody could be a shopper. With precise data, FMCG manufacturers and retailers, hotels, restaurants and caterers can tap into this market efficiently, and steer and grow their businesses. 

CPS GfK’s OOH panel puts a comprehensive understanding of the market’s structure and dynamics at your fingertips, by monitoring food and beverage consumption outside the home. This helps you understand the consumption habits of your consumers throughout the day and create new opportunities for your products.

Get a Detailed Picture of OOH Consumer Behavior




Panelists reporting out of home consumption every day

The CPS GfK OOH panel offers comprehensive market coverage with real insights tracked in real time, from a diverse pool of motivated consumers.


Ways to record purchases in just a few seconds

To ensure accurate data, panelists record their behavior by using a smart phone app by scanning or entering their purchases manually.

Access Data That Gets Your Key Business Questions Answered

Whether it’s someone grabbing a quick coffee-to-go or dining out in a Michelin star restaurant, by tracking consumers’ OOH consumption patterns, we help you answer key business questions. These include:

Maximize your OOH market opportunities thanks to CPS GfK's Out-of-Home panel with: