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GfK Category Purchase Tree

Smoothen shopper choices and revenue by shelf optimization

When buying Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), shoppers have to choose from an overwhelming variety of products to put in their shopping carts.

Shopping decision processes are not easy to understand and changes over time, as market parameters, consumer needs and preferences are constantly changing. Understanding the hierarchy of the purchase criteria in a category is an important step to implement the right strategy for manufacturers and retailers including product portfolio and shelf layout.
Evaluating the latest shopping patterns is key to meeting shoppers’ needs and creating new business opportunities.


The Category Purchase Tree (CPT) is a core element of the assortment and shelf optimization process, answering several business questions:

Our CPT reveals shopper decision criteria using real life data.
As our insights are derived from real shopping behavior and not respondents, we display natural purchase behavior from customers in their usual routine.
As we measure shopping preferences over long periods, we can identify trends and combine the insights with our powerful panel KPIs, such as quantifying cluster potentials.

CPT reveals product affinity patterns and prioritizes the strength of the identified product relationships

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Category Purchase Tree

  • Purchase criteria & hierarchy (up to 5th tree level, more levels for clusters with high market shares)
  • Product allocation
  • Product cluster relevance
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The Potentials

  • Deep dives on focus clusters to evaluate Brand performance
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Product cluster overviews on shopper KPIsIdentification of potential clusters
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