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Sustainability concern and action

Learn about sustainability in times of instability, how shoppers are behaving and what trends are growing
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Green ambitions, golden opportunities

The global cost of living may be rising, but consumers continue to care about environmental issues. In fact 73% of global consumers think it's important that the brands they love take responsibility and embrace sustainable company practices. Our market research reveals how FMCG is turning into the retail hot spot for turning concerns into action, with 53% of global consumers selecting one brand over another specifically because it supports a cause they believe in.

Report | Sustainability concern and action – Who Cares? Who Does? 2023

Your single source view on eco-concerns, actions, and real measured purchase behavior for everyday goods. Throughout major crises, eco-conciousness has proven to be very resilient.

In our fifth annual edition of our sustainability report we provide a view into the evolution of top environment concerns and actions over the span of these crises, and their growing relation to other areas like societal concerns. We know this year it's less prominently about money saved, and more about money well spent.

Do you know what actions to take to reassure shoppers that your product does its job, in a responsible way, at a fair price?

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Learn how sustainable behavior and action has evolved amongst shoppers, specifics include:
  • Global footprint > 35 countries together with Europanel and Kantar
  • Three level segmentations with trended data for 5 years plus potential to tailor a segmentation to your own definitions
  • Link segments to category databases to look at what is bought by those that say they care about sustainability
  • Fifth edition offering comparative analysis 
  • New survey content aimed at understanding the sustainable product choices made, retailer sustainability and waste reduction tactics

Why the permacrisis could mean good news for sustainability

In case you missed it, watch our webinar 'Out of the Crises: does Green get the best deal?' hosted by CPS GfK’s Lenneke Schils, Global Insights Director FMCG. Guest speaker Caroline Babendererde, Head of Sustainability at Tetra Pak, providing an industry perspective on eco-action.

Sustainability vs Inflation

Environmental awareness about ecological issues and the production of plastic are no longer topics that can be avoided. The green movement is here to stay, and strategic insights are the key to unlocking business growth.

Our latest whitepaper explores recent developments in sustainability, and retail consumer behavior in times of high inflation. Based on the data insights from two major GfK sustainability surveys and reports, Who Cares Who Does (fourth edition) and Green Gauge: the shopper edition, both are available for purchase now.

Read our latest white paper

Infographic | The green consumer market is growing rapidly

Eco active shoppers care deeply about the environment and they will consistently take multiple actions to reduce their carbon footprint. Green consumers will make up half of the world's population by 2030. Is your brand appealing to this group already? Eco active segmentation can assist to position yourself correctly in the market and offer tailored solutions for these consumers.

Consumer Panel Services GfK.

We pride ourselves in being a trusted partner for the FMCG industry when it comes to critical shopper insights. Providing key information on who buys what, where, how much, how often and why (not). With our high-quality, uninterrupted data, consultancy and expertise, we help our clients deliver superior customer experiences at every stage of the shopper journey.

We observe shopper behavior overtime, across all different shopping locations, allowing us to measure their footprint and provide our clients with a broad and in-depth view of their customers’ motivations, behaviors and patterns, past present and future.