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Behavior Change Video Series
CPS GfK in interview with industry experts on their opinion on changing consumer behavior

In our #behaviorchange report we identified the external forces that are impacting consumer attitudes and decisions. Change is the only constant, yet the pandemic has caused a huge ripple effect across consumer and shopper behavior. We identified five key changes that stick well into 2022.

So, we know consumers are altering behaviors, but are suppliers ready to do so? How are the different brands, manufacturers and retailers working to meet the changing demands? We spoke to four experts from varying fields to get their views on the main changes they are seeing in consumers and demand.

Elisabeth Hirschbichler, Strategy & Innovation leader at DSM Food and Beverage on consumer behavior

DSM is a purpose-led company in Health, Nutrition & Bioscience, applying science to help improve the health of people, animals and the planet, with the purpose of creating brighter lives for all.

We caught up with Elisabeth Hirschbichler, VP Strategy, Innovation and Marketing at DSM to understand how small changes made with specific products and solutions can help address some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Watch our expert interview with Elisabeth to find out more

Maarten Bosch, CEO of Mosa Meat, a cultured meat start-up in Maastricht, on target groups

Mosa Meat are a food technology company based in the Netherlands. Mosa Meat’s mission is to completely reshape the future of food: making it better for us, the planet, and for animals. How are they doing it? Simple, by creating the world’s kindest burger using cultivated beef.

We caught up with Maarten Bosch, CEO of Mosa Meat to get his perspective on the changing demands of consumers in the meat category, and how he sees the role of the supplier playing an integral role in the changes to come.

Watch our expert interview with Maarten to find out more

Water Unite's Founder Duncan Goose on consumer behavior and consumer concerns

Water Unite is an innovative non-profit organization aiming to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for water & sanitation and plastic waste management and recycling through a global 1 cent per liter levy on bottled water sales.

We caught up with Duncan Goose, Founder of Water Unite, to give us his perspective of the strides that are being made with regards to plastic pollution, not only that but how the same learnings and actions can be translated across categories with the potential benefits being huge.

Watch our expert interview with Duncan to find out more

Frank Lehmann, retail industry expert and ex-CEO of Kaufland on consumer behavior

Frank Lehmann is a respected voice in the retail industry, with more than 40 years’ experience working for large department stores and retail chains. Now through his company ‘Retail Profiling’ he advises and supports retail companies in the strategic development and implementation of retail business processes and strategies.

We caught up with Frank to understand how he views the future of retail, and what areas businesses must focus on and key actions they need to take to ensure future success.

Watch our interview with Frank to find out more.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Our Consumer Panel solutions are your go-to source for information to capture and understand how behavior changes affect your market opportunities. Our unrivalled depth of continuous coverage ensures that you’ll have access to the most accurate single-source intelligence about what consumer goods shoppers actually buy and why.
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CPS GfK Retailer Perception Monitor

In today’s times the FMCG market is dynamically evolving. Some retailers grow organically, others focus on optimizing the range to best meet customer needs. In developed markets, the fight for every shopper continues. And it's not just the market that is changing. Customers are changing their shopping habits too. Needs are constantly evolving, both in terms of breadth and assortment quality and the shopping experience.

The year 2020 brought a new dimension to decision-making about the place of purchase, many customers broke down barriers and tried out new distribution channels. Understanding how shoppers rate their store’s performance on these evolving needs is the path to increased loyalty.

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CPS GfK Category Purchase Drivers

The exploitation of the value potential for FMCG categories is critical for retailers to grow their business and for manufacturers to pursue the right category management and POS strategy. To be attractive to shoppers, it is important to know what the drivers of the different categories are. As shopper needs and trends continue to evolve, it is important to have a sound understanding of which category dimensions determine success.

After the impactful incident of the Covid pandemic, which has significantly changed needs and shopping behaviour, it is even more important to explore whether existing category knowledge is still valid.

With the CPD, you identify the main levers of Value Potential Exploitation for your category and know which actions to prioritise.

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CPS GfK Category Purchase Tree

Your category management can only be successful if you know the structure of your categories and can identify potential and opportunity. CPS GfK’s Category Purchase Tree identifies product affinity patterns to help you prioritize the strengths of product relationships. Understand your shoppers’ decisions by identifying the most relevant purchase criteria by product. We evaluate these criteria against key performance indicators, so you can adjust your shelf placement and assortment strategy to improve your performance. Armed with this insight, you can increase your margin and turnover in the potential segments.

Based on actual purchase data collected in Consumer Panels GfK’s daily, CPS GfK’s Category Purchase Tree helps you answer key business questions:

  • How do shoppers buy in my category?
  • What purchase criteria are relevant and which are the most important?
  • What product segments offer a particularly high return for my category strategy?
  • Where are my brand and product “white spots”?
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CPS GfK Paint a Picture

The basis for effective targeting! Understand where your (non)buyers are headed, and how you can best meet their changing needs and demands.
Paint a Picture delivers thorough consumer profiles of your target group incl. demographics, usage & attitudes, lifestyle, values & needs, purchase behavior & preferences and optional: media usage. We help you identify what barriers exist and what could be levers.

  • We bring all relevant dimensions together to an integrated 360° profile of your target group:
  • We use the holistic information provided by Consumer Panel GfK (data already available) to describe the core group (e.g. heavy buyers or other focus segments).
  • We filter out the distinctiveness of your focus target group and set out the strategy on how to successfully activate this consumer group .
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CPS GfK Product Edge

To keep ahead of the FMCG market, manufacturers and retailers not only have to keep up with modernization and remain an attractive brand for their customers, but also take their wishes into consideration. One should also try making the launch of new products and relaunches main events in the FMCG calendar.

But how superior are their brands, launches and relaunches for the different consumers? CPS GfK´s Product Edge approach offers answers to all these questions.
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Behavior Change Hub

Check out our Behavior Change hub to keep exploring the five major forces that are defining the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) landscape.